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Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

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In an effort to foster interest in innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence in Design introduces its first-ever Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Design integration. The course covers AI and Design Thinking, AI and Ergonomics, AI for Fashion Quality Control, AI and Retail, AI for the Fashion Design Process, and Intelligent Textiles, and aims to enrich learners' knowledge about fashion innovation. The series of six lessons will reach out to diverse learners ranging from novices to fashion design practitioners and business leaders interested in exploring the fashion industry's future. The mini-quizzes and activities of each lesson will boost your learning outcomes. Upon completing this course, you will understand how advanced technology connects the dots for the future fashion industry and describe how fashion ecology is evolving by adopting AI technology along with its development. The learning journey is subject to the learner's pace without geographical or time restrictions. Upon completing all six lessons and a wrap-up quiz with a passing grade, you will be eligible to apply for an e-certificate of completion issued by AiDLab.


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