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Online Order of Olend Bag: A Delayed Preorder

Preordering the Bag:

I came across the Barcelona-based sustainable brand Olend. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices aligned with my values, so I decided to preorder one of their bags. The bag was scheduled to be sent out by May 30th.

Anticipation and Delays:

May 30th came and went, and I hadn't received any communication regarding the status of my order. Feeling concerned, I decided to wait a few more days, assuming that there might be minor delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Contacting Customer Service:

After a week of waiting, I decided to reach out to Olend's customer service for information on the status of my preorder. I received a polite response stating that they were experiencing delays in production and shipping due to unforeseen issues. While I appreciated their transparency, I was disappointed that there was no specific timeline provided for when I could expect my bag.

Repeated Attempts and Frustration:

As more time passed without any updates, I contacted customer service again, hoping for more clarity. I explained my disappointment I felt due to the delays. Their response this time was similar – they were working to resolve the issues but couldn't provide an exact shipping date.

Threatening with EU Policy:

Frustration was building as the promised shipping date had long passed, and I had no information about my bag. Feeling compelled to take action, I mentioned the European Union's policies regarding consumer rights and the importance of transparent communication. I expressed my concern about the situation and mentioned that I would consider seeking resolution through proper channels if the issue persisted.

Bag Shipment and Resolution:

Surprisingly, after my email mentioning the EU policy, I received an immediate response from Olend's customer service. They apologized for the delays and the bag was shipped.

Nancy Kelly
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