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#Your Current Journey!

Riding on the outcomes of the individual brainstorming activity, you experienced various problems in daily life. You are the user. You will “interview yourself” or ask yourself questions according to the user identification and user journey template, and then you will complete the template by inputting your answer.

1. Download the user journey map worksheet.

Download PDF

2. Identify the user, yourself, in this case, and fill the template 3 (p. 3, user journey map worksheet) by inputting your answers.

3. Write down the steps / actions / interactions that you go through before, during and after the selected problem.

4. Review the steps / actions / interactions and highlight the worst to spot the opportunity for design. Opportunities for better design can be more than one.

5. Create a post and upload the work here with the hashtag #Your Current Journey! and share it with others.

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