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Hello From a new course classmate. Thank you for the opporunity to explore this with you. I am not new to AI’s exposure and am currently in the fashion, clothing, textiles and luxury segment and understand from Silicon Valley years pre pandemic there have been alot of unpolished or unmarketable attempts as well as there beings some pretty amazing software. I discovered you in a search online after I smiled quietly to myself hearing from two long time participants in the fashion industry in Sydney that they don’t think AI will be imposing soon and another said ’It is fashion, there isn’t anything magical scientific about it’ … I might forward this website and course forward :)? Happy Learning All, Melissa

Nancy Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Sep 03, 2023

There will always be those people, including friends, who help you grow due to adversity. To those persons in my life I say, thank you! 😄

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