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#Your New User Journey!

Riding on the current user journey, you design your new user journey for solving the selected problem. You are the user and the designer. You will imagine, re-design and draw the details of actions of the new journey step-by-step

1. Download the storyboarding worksheet.

Download PDF

2. Start the storyboard by setting and drawing the scenario of your selected problem on the template 4 (pp. 2-3, storyboarding worksheet).

3. Imagine, design and draw the details of actions step-by-step - one action in one box.

4. Draw how you accomplish the goal by experiencing the new journey at the end of the storyboard.

5. Briefly describe each box to elaborate on your new design by storytelling.

5. Create a post and upload the work in here with the hashtag #Your New User Journey! and share it with others.

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