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my name is Nadya Rios and I’m taking this course to get a better position in the future and to finally work from home ( not alot of work from home positions a available and even during the pandemic I will go to the office everyday :(

I’m Ruben Cole, an artist with 30 years of applied creativity. Lately, I’ve been diving into the world of AI, designing fashion garments that blend tradition and innovation. From NYC Tradesman Union fashion updates to tactical streetwear for urban anglers, I’m stitching pixels and code together. Very into 2D image generation iteration to 3D wire mesh construction.. always hungry to know more....

Hi, I am saranya. I worked as sourcing manager for a fashion brand in India. Technology in fashion always been my interest. So, taking this course for knowledge enhancement.

Reuben Cole

Hi, I am Luca.

I have been working in fashion soircing and production for over 15 years.

I am based in Hong kong and i am looking to acquire more skills on AI, so that I can transfer this to my company, so to make more efficient processes and be more competitive.

Reuben Cole
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